What is MIS?


What is MIS as a major?

An information system consists of the computer hardware as well as software that manages all of a company’s data and information. This major is based on using technology to analyze and process this great amount of data that the business will use everyday. It provides the student with a broad overview of computer based information systems with a focus on applying them to the business environment as well as managerial control. A companies information system is used in all parts of the company and is very important to a company’s success.

What does Penn State offer MIS students?
Penn State’s MIS curriculum provides the student with knowledge of the following subjects: databases, systems analysis, systems design, data communication, internet technologies, enterprise resource planning as well as gaining experience with leading software technologies like SAP. Penn State also offers an abundance of job and internship opportunities through Symplicity and career services as well as great networking opportunities with recruiters through this club, MISA.

What can I do as a MIS major?
• Communication Specialist
Information System manager
Networking Specialist
Technology Instructor
Computer Analyst
Database Specialist
Internet Specialist
• Project Leader
Systems Development Manager

How much do I make as a MIS major?
U.S. Median starting Salary: $49,400
U.S. Median mid-career salary: $87,200

How much do Penn State graduates make?
According to graduating MIS students in 2012/2013, the average starting salary is $59,533. MIS has the highest starting average salary in all of Smeal!